Ascent Coaching
The Startup Mentorship Challenge

Ascent Coaching Ltd. the South African representative of the Canadian CLI-Power Coaching network, is a specialist executive coaching and leadership development firm, serving the C-Suite of the largest corporations in the country. We have accepted the challenge to help create, and fiercely advocate for, a culture of mentorship in corporate South Africa.

Like Marc Wainer, we hope to grow our legacy through shaping the journey of the business trailblazers of tomorrow. And challenge other executive coaching or consultancy firms to match or exceed our committment.

Why Startups Need a Mentor:

Mentorship is considered a critical foundational component for building a successful startup. Great product/service for a searing pain point and good market traction are good, but a great mentor is equally important to sustain and grow these elements. Research has shown that small businesses which have received mentorship have superior survivability rates when compared to non-mentored businesses.

Two key elements for a startup are finding creative solutions to current problems and looking beyond the current daily buzz of the startup. A mentor from Ascent Coaching will help you find great solutions for the problems faced by your startup—whether it be funding, technology, market access or organisation culture. The mentor will help you build solutions to these problems creatively and efficiently, and bring forth their experiential knowledge to tackle similar situations.

Your Ascent Coaching mentor will most importantly help you look beyond the daily operational and tactical issues faced by your startup and help you build a grander vision for it.

The mentor will help you look at changing market dynamics, suggest alternative revenue streams, and scale and solidify your position in the market.

What You will Receive:

You will have a long-term relationship with a professional with the skills and experience to successfully guide a business like yours. Your mentor will deliver three key elements: domain expertise; a willingness to put the time in for a sustained period; and an eagerness to get emotionally invested in your company, offering you around three hours of their time a month.

During this time your mentor will assist you refine your business plan and adopt those strategies which enhance your start-up valuation. As well as discuss the effects of different avenues of finance upon your equity ownership.

The final objective of the mentoring excercise is to assist you understand the key metrics that venture capitalists look to, and perfect your VC pitch.

Do You Qualify?

You are a founder-led business, that:
has a minimum average annual turnover of over R10m;is unique and scalable (the potential to grow into a market-leader); andhas reached a key inflection point in its growth trajectory
If so then you should send an EOI to our firm. We will then contact you for a brief interview about YOU as the founder. We will be interested in hearing about your personal vision, energy and skills available to take your business to the next level. As well as assessing your ability to participate in a high-impact, detailed programme.

Your EOI should be sent to:

with "The Startup Mentorship Challenge" as the subject of the mail.